NAMAcademy E-Learning course


NAMAcademy E-Learning course

The NAMAcademy is hosted by UNEP DTU and DTU.

The NAMAcademy e-learning course consists of 4 modules and a total of 14 chapters, and can be accessed at your time of choice.

The course aims to give a basic introduction to NAMAs, and to provide basic concepts, approaches, and methodologies for planning, formulating and implementing NAMAs to relevant NAMA practitioners. It explores different concepts and practices that may serve as foundations for planning and implementation of climate change mitigation initiatives, linking the development of NAMAs to existing development planning frameworks, including low carbon development. 

The NAMAcademy is continuously open for applications for the e-learning course, which is free of charge. Upon completion, you may wish to continue taking the in-depth classroom NAMAcademy course, which is held regularly.

The E-Learning is also available in Spanish.