Viña del Mar, Chile


Implementation plan

Viña del Mar, Chile

Solid waste generation data

417.8 Kg/per capita/year
129,749 tonnes/year


Recycling and Composting
Waste NAMA
Methane Flaring


Implementation plan

The CCAC Waste Initiative has been collaborating with the Municipality of Viña del Mar to define its municipal solid waste management plan and evaluate technical and economic alternatives for managing its organic waste in a beneficial way. This support has focused on evaluating management schemes where a separation of the organic waste (OW) from the rest of the city waste is carried out and its treatment is managed according to its characteristics and the technical, financial, environmental, territorial and social possibilities, with the intention of identifying municipal organic waste management models that can be replicated in the rest of the country in the near future.

The latest stage of this technical assistance has involved a comprehensive evaluation of the technical and economic alternatives for managing Viña del Mar municipal organic waste. In this context, the city has selected as its highest technological priority, a biogas plant with combined energy production of heat, electric power and natural gas substitute (NGS), which could be used as fuel for clean combustion vehicles.

This document summarizes the implementation plan that has been jointly designed with the city authorities and whose objective is to make available to the municipality a road map allowing the construction of the chosen alternative to be carried out as soon as possible.

Municipal contact

Patricio Moya

Municipal representative

Waldo Ceballos

Carolina Ascui
The Ministry of Environment of Chile

State representative

Ximena Gonzalez
The Ministry of Environment of Chile