Novi Sad, Serbia


Action plan

Novi Sad, Serbia

Solid waste generation data

215,000 tons per year
1.07 kg per capita


Implementation plan

This Organic Waste Segregation Study for the City of Novi Sad was funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. The study came from the request of the city of Novi Sad to the CCAC's Solution Centre. 

The purpose of the Guideline is to assess the capacities of the City of Novi Sad and the South Backa Region in terms of composting segregated collected bio-waste, evaluate required technical and technological conditions for the composting plant of different capacities recommended for the City of Novi Sad, describe the composting process and monitoring of process parameters, and define and manage the potential environmental impact of the composting plant and operations. The Guideline is intended for the composting plant operator to educate its staff on proper and adequate operations on the plant.

This guideline is in Serbian.