Curitiba, Brazil


Action plan

Curitiba, Brazil

Solid waste generation data

610,780 tons per year
Organic waste 37.37%
Paper and cardboard 21.93%


* Estações de Sustentabilidade: recyclables drop-off points in different neighborhoods
* Cambio Verde: program to exchange recyclables for fruits and vegetables
* Lixo que não é lixo: collection scheme for dry recyclables
Landfill gas energy project at the landfill


Work plan

Communication is crucial in the waste sector and must be a “two-way street” to get the stakeholders “on board” in order to successfully plan and implement actions that will mitigate short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs). Curitiba recognizes the importance of communication and requested, under the technical assistance provided by the CCAC Waste Initiative, activities to improve the communication with the population on solid waste management towards the reduction of SLCPs. Therefore, Brazilian Association of Public Cleansing and Waste Management Companies (ABRELPE) assessed the past and current waste management communication and awareness programs of the city to evaluate their comprehensiveness, strengths, and weaknesses. The result of the assessment is the current communication’s guidance report for Curitiba, with a brief evaluation and recommendations for improvements in its communication actions.

Work plan

Project activity for Curitiba is the enhancement of communication and awareness actions on municipal solid waste (MSW) management towards mitigation of SLCP emissions.

Two outcomes are part of this activity: a workshop and a handbook. 


Municipal contact

Rodolpho Zannin Feijó
Municipality of Curitiba
Head of International Relations Office

Municipal representative

Edelcio Marques dos Reis
Municipality of Curitiba
Public Cleaning Director

State representative

Zilda Maria Faria Veloso
Ministry of Environment of Brazil
Urban Environment Director