OrganEcs - Cost Estimating Tool for Managing Source-Separated Organic Waste - Version 2.1


OrganEcs - Cost Estimating Tool for Managing Source-Separated Organic Waste - Version 2.1

Organic waste management (i.e. composting and anaerobic digestion) represent a key opportunity for achieving the reduction of short-lived climate pollutants from the municipal solid waste sector. Planning and developing such projects requires a detailed understanding of the costs involved in constructing and operating organic waste management facilities.

The OrganEcs is a tool for estimating the costs associated with an organic waste management project. It provides planning-level assistance to local governments, waste professionals, policymakers, facility operators, and project developers to help them make financial decisions about their potential organic waste management projects. Specifically, the tool assists users in determining (1) expected IRR (internal rate of return), given user inputs, (2) appropriate gate fees (e.g., the per-unit charge for disposing waste at the facility), in order to meet specified investor returns, or (3) appropriate product sale price requirements (e.g., for compost, electricity), in order to meet specified investor returns.

The tool considers the costs associated with using a suite of technologies, including open-air composting without forced aeration, composting with forced aeration, high-tech wet anaerobic digestion, and high-tech dry anaerobic digestion.


Developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with support from Abt Associates on behalf of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition Municipal Solid Waste Initiative.


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