Making Waste Work - Waste Aid Toolkit


Making Waste Work - Waste Aid Toolkit

Making Waste Work is a toolkit for community waste management in lower- and middle-income countries. 

WasteAid toolkit, Making Waste Work, helps people start up community waste management and recycling businesses, keep neighbourhoods clean, and generate an income. Visit the toolkit for technical and safety tips and more ideas for turning waste into useful products.

Funded by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and produced by WasteAid UK, the toolkit builds on the practical experience and know-how of waste managers and recycling entrepreneurs from across the globe.

The toolkit is available in English and Spanish.

WasteAid shares waste management and recycling skills in the world’s poorest places. 1 in 3 people worldwide have to dump or burn their waste, causing the spread of disease, polluting the oceans and adding to the climate crisis. Together with our partners, we make useful products from waste to build a cleaner and healthier future. You can help.




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